Provincial Budget Office


Provides the delivery of basic services relative to the Local Budget Administration including budget processes and policies, directions and priorities governing effective fiscal discipline, proper allocation, and mobilization of available resources and effective management of public expenditures.


To be pre-emptive development partner/advocate of the economic and financial management team of the provincial government in the effective allocation and management of public resources and expenditures towards achieving its pursuit for fiscal strength and good governance.


To provide a direct linkage between the Provincial Government Plans, goals and resource allocation; To promote responsible resource allocation through the Annual Provincial Expenditure Plan (Executive Budget); and To become partners with various government offices ( Local and National) and LGUs budget managers to ensure best practices in budget and financial management.


Services offered:

  • Prepares the Annual and Supplemental Budgets of the province
  • Assists the SP in the review of Ordinances enacting the Annual and Supplemental Budgets of the component LGUs
  • Prepares Local Budget Matrix, Cash Flow Forecast, and Allotment Release Order
  • Certifies existence of appropriation
  • Attends meetings of local Budget Officers
  • Prepares/submits accountability/income-expenditure reports
  • Provides technical assistance to budgeting


Provincial Budget Office Head: Maria Cecilia D. Domingo, CPA