Provincial General Services Office (PGSO)

Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM/


Address: Ground Floor, Mini Capitol Building, Poblacion, Malita, Davao Occidental/



E-mail Address:

The Provincial General Services Office (PGSO) is an office under the executive arm of the Provincial Government of Davao Occidental. The Office provides expertise in technical assistance and support to the Provincial Governor in the implementation of measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities.

Listed below are the divisions of the PGSO and their functions:























  • Directs and supervises administrative activities and services functions of the office, relative to human resource development and management;
  • Prepares budget proposals;
  • Establishes supply procurement program and property management and utilization;
  • Services as the center of communication of the office;
  • Provides security and take charge of the maintenance and repair of office equipment and facilities of the office;
  • Supervises janitorial services, orderliness and sanitation within the area of responsibility;
  • Complies circulars and administrative issuances and ensure proper dissemination thereof; and
  • Formulates administrative policies to improve existing systems and procedures for effective and efficient delivery of services.


  • Conduct periodic physical inventory of government vehicles and office equipment;
  • Validate and record all incoming Property Issue Slip and Acknowledgment Receipt For Equipment (ARE);
  • Validation of Requisition and Issue Slip (RIS) and Report of Supplies and Materials Issued (RSMI)
  • Encode all detailed information of each ARE for every accountable officers and employees;
  • Prepare and submit Annual Inventory Report to the COA;
  • Tagging of Property Sticker to every property or equipment, recording and deployment of equipment and property;
  • Post Waste Material Report in the Vehicle Ledger Card.
  • Renewal of LTO Registration and Insurance of vehicles;
  • Encode all detailed information of each Property Return Slip (PRS).
  • Reconcile and update renewal of ARE/s;
  • Facilitates property clearances as to property accountabilities.
  • Inspection of actual existence of delivery of supplies and materials as indicated in the Purchase Order.
  • Inspection of delivery of supplies and materials to ensure compliance and conformity with the specifications in the Purchase Order.
  • Inspection of unserviceable supplies and materials, equipment and vehicles returned by departments or offices.
  • Conduct Pre-Repair and Post-Repair inspection for repair of equipment and vehicle.
  • Verify, inspect proposed demolition of government structure.


  • Serves as the processing of all supply, materials and equipment needed by all departments and offices of the Provincial Government of Davao Occidental;
  • Preparation of disposal of unserviceable supplies, materials, vehicles, motorcycles, office equipment and other semi expendables for Public Auction
  • Validate Waste Material Report
  • Validate Property Return Slip
  • Release of Food Social amelioration Services of the Provincial Governor’s Office
  • Receive, check, review, record and issue reports of supplies and materials
  • Conduct hauling services for transportation of returned waste materials
  • Conduct acceptance inspection report for GSO transactions
  • Maintain records for incoming and outgoing RIS and Stock card

Department Head: DIMPLES C. LAPAZ