About the Provincial Veterinary Office

(Article 19 of R.A. 7160)

The Provincial Veterinary Office is mandated to take charge the day to day operation and shall be responsible for the effective delivery of basic veterinary services. The office leads the front-line of veterinary related activities such as: In the outbreak of highly contagious and deadly animal diseases with economic and public health importance and in situations resulting in the depletion of animals for work and human consumption particularly those arising from and in the aftermath of man-made and natural calamities.


To provide Davao Occidental constituents health and wealth by way of sustainable animal production and marketing.


Formulate programs and projects that is beneficial to our constituents; as such an integrated and comprehensive veterinary services and livelihood program should be conceptualized to complement one of the master piece program in Agriculture, which is Agro-Forestry, Agri-Aqua; Wholesome and lucrative development, for the province of endless possibilities.